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Talk to "Song Kang-Kim So Hyun", update the new version of Love Alarm 2. Let my heart flutter again

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Love Alarm 2


After making its mark from the first season on Netflix, the second season of Love Alarm has made a comeback. Ready to update the new version Love Alarm 2.0 add new functions to be more exciting than before. Also, the knot of their three love triangles that was decided in the last season. Will they bring their hearts to the same beats?

Kim So Hyun Song Kang Open your heart to a new love triangle with the same person in Love Alarm 2
Reveal the secret of the actor Love Alarm if the app alerts you to ring in real life.
Love Alarm Season 2, a  slotxo ทดลองเล่น


  mobile app that alerts users when someone likes you within a 10-meter radius in a world where people don't have to tell their hearts. Starring Kim So Hyun, Jung Karam, and Song Kang, the original cast, but with a love story growing up from middle school. From saying goodbye to first love What are the effects on their lives after that? Get ready to follow on Netflix on March 12.

But before we had a full look at each other We have interviews with two actors, Kim So Hyun and Song Kang, who opened the screen and talked through a video call with the Thai press on March 8 in a friendly atmosphere. What do they say about this story? You can follow me from this interview.


Q: This season is the story of the growing up age from last season. How are the characters of each person similar or different from last season?

Song Kang: The difference between seasons one and two is In season one, Sun Oh suddenly broke up with Jojo. It made him feel sad and wounded in his heart. As season two arrives, you will get a glimpse of the mature and strong-minded Sono. The personalities of the characters in seasons one and two are very different.

Kim So Hyun: Season two will see a picture of Jo Jo living with Hye-young. I went to the university and met with a friend named 'Monsoon' and enjoyed the life of the university students. Will be able to see a picture of Jojo that is more vivid than season one

Q: What was the feeling of first returning to filming in season 2?

Song Kang: When filming season one, we were very close. There are so many good memories together. When I heard that I would work together in season two, I was very excited. We get along so well that when we perform Hardly need to tune together Another thing is that we are the same age, so the atmosphere on the set is really fun. Always being together, having a lot of fun every moment.

Kim So Hyun: I am too. After finishing season one We had a very short break before we started filming season two. But even so, the atmosphere on the set felt very comfortable. It was as if everyone had just taken it together yesterday. Can rely on each other It felt like there were always friends by my side, whether during hard or fun times. When filming, they rely on each other. I feel relieved and thank you very much.

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